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All students need to do is download the FREE app and look for us (Jay Ogden or Kahalu'u Wellness)

Then have fun with us live...  It's what we call: Wellness-Fun online-coaching in real-time.

We Plan to offer this service for free til AUGUST 30, 2020 ON SATURDAYS ONLY from 6am - 10am Hawaiian Standard Time (3 hours before West Coast time, 6 hours before East Coast time.)

The photos at left were taken when we just started our aquaponics services in 2010 and our first school system (not aquaponics) we called "gardens-to-go" since they were transportable and used regular compost in a box for transporting trees.  The kids loved them and we also had a ball. We originally ordered 30 of these tree boxes, and offered them to schools, backyard gardeners for $400, hook up a garden hose on a timer and some seeds and off you go...