Visit Hawaii for almost nothing...

Who'da believed you could come to Hawaii and stay in a lovely little Kabin in the woods for $69/nite.... Well, it's happening at Kahalu'u Kountry Kabin (on and we have just had our first exchange with Bob & Jana from South Carolina and their two lovely college age children. They are airline people so they know how to fly cheap, and we gave them a deal on the Kabin. It couldn't have happened at a better time for us and for them too. They were looking for a 3 day "first Hawaii" trip to celebrate their family and chose to do it with us. I had just finished the remodeling of our Kabin with a loft for 2 and the downstairs area sleeps 2 as well. It was a wonderful get-a-way for them and the maiden flight for my Kabin. I couldn't have had a more delightful family as guests and they had a ball, surfing, eating our favorite local foods, a swim in Waikiki, visiting Pearl Harbor and some hiking. All in 3 days... I am sure they will be welcome back here any time.

How does this relate to Wellness/Health, well, my vision for our wellness program is to have singles or couples visit us for a break-of-the-routine, come to Hawaii, see and experience all the beauty of our land, and get some great information about being more healthy and well as a bonus. We can cook for you, share how we grow some of our food (aquaponics) and what foods are best to "heal" your body. Since both Paulette and I struggle with early diabetes and issues of weight loss and gain, we are qualified to give layman's advice about how we are self-healing with various forms of "natural healing" techniques: Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Exercise, health promoting food, etc. Come and check us out, (Kahalu'u Kountry Kabin) Aloha, Jay Kai Ogden, Certified Wellness/Health Coach

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