To Graduate or Not to Graduate

Well, our PLTI4 Class was postponed at the beginning of the Covid19 Pandemic, or whatever it was and we have as yet not completed the course, we shall see what develops here. I have decided that it was time for me to move on since completion of the course began to conflict with my next step toward Certification as a Wellness/Health Coach.

The Dr. William Sears Wellness Institute, where I shall graduate with Certificate very soon has prepared me with the training and business plan development I need to start a wellness and health coaching practice in Hawaii for the world. As I see it now, I will be offering coaching services both virtually (online) and in person for those who either live in Hawaii or travel here on purpose. Since I have a pension, I am willing to provide "free" services for those who cannot afford a coach as well as "fee-for-service" coaching for those who can afford the service and see the value of coaching with me. My fees will be on a sliding scale depending upon each individual's ability to pay at the time. "If it's not affordable, then it's not our time." has been a method I have used for over 50 years of my life of growth and it's always been affordable over the years. I have had 4-5 coaches during the last 50 years in Hawaii and all of them have assured me that "it would be affordable, beneficial and timely". I plan to follow their wisdom in my practice.

I want to thank some of my coaches at this time, so bear with me while I flatter them a bit.

Master Maureen O'Shaughnessy (we call her MO), Reiki Master was the first coach in 2000 just after my wife and I decided to live separately after 28 years together. I was a "sick puppy" as my wife said on the way out the door. Mo was there for me then and accepted me into her Reiki training Level I & II. I was her only student for the initial weekend of training. I think it was destined for me to be her only student since I was a hard nut to crack. The training was affordable, beneficial and timely since I have continued to use the practice every day since this time. What a blessing having Reiki has been for my life and all who have passed through it with me. Thanks, Mo.... you are the best.

Next was Dr. Sonny Massad, PhD and owner of Hawaii Wellness Institute. Sonny gave me a chance to heal my self through her "peer counseling" course of 80 hours of lecture and practice with an additional 25 hours of clinic work upon completion for certification as a Wellness Counselor in 2003. While I was not considering (at the time) a wellness practice for myself, my healing continued with the skills I learned from Sonny and her "peer counseling" approach to wellness. I continue to use these skills on myself and relationships (business & personal) since this time. These skills have allowed me to remain in control of my emotions and seeing the truth through the trees in the forest of life. What an amazing skill this has been for me and those who are close to me. My motto is: Be YOU, and let the world adjust. Thanks Sonny.

The next coach was Ms. Ginny Walden, Che-lel Quigong trainer in Hawaii during the 2000-2010 period of my life, during which time Ms. Paulette Fukumoto came into my life as a life-partner and soulmate. Paulette and I were students of Ginny's for a few years while living in downtown Honolulu. Ginny's classes allowed us to develop the level of Chi in our bodies through the physical practice she provided to us over these years as we were building our new relationship. This was a great way to both heal and build a friendship after the breakup of marriages that we both experienced. Without these teachings Paulette and I would not have been able to create a wonderful, loving, caring friendship as we have over the last 20+ years. This is the gift of love we all want, and I am grateful to Ginny for seeing the promise in us, even when it was difficult for us to see it in ourselves. What a blessing...

The next coach was my darling, Paulette Fukumoto, who has loved me and allowed me to learn how to love her for the last 20 years. We have weathered many storms together and have come to a point in our lives together of acceptance, peace and caring. It looks a little different from how other couples live, since we decided to live separately in 2013. Paulette wanted to live in town with her #1 daughter and two grandchildren while I went to the kountry (Kahalu'u) to build our home whenever we decided to spend some time together. We always talked about having a city home and a kountry home, now we have both and see each other for over-nite visits as often as we wish. The most wonderful thing about this arrangement, as difficult as it was to accomplish, Paulette has the most exciting opportunity of her life to be a live-in grandparent for her 4 grandchildren (including 2 boys in Kaneohe from her #2 daughter). She is living "her dream" and being a "at home" grandmother is just the best decision we've ever made together. We plan to have it this way for as long as it takes... "we are each better, because of the other." It works for us and we don't regret any of it... There were some months of adjustment for both of us, and living our life this way has given each of us a "why" for life after age 70. What more can we ask of life on Earth. Nada!!!

I hope you can see I have been the recipient of some great coaching and has allowed me to craft myself into what I think will be a great coach for others, men & women who have had similar life-experiences (divorce, job loss, weight gain, smoking cessation, sex life-challenges, insufficient finances later in life, pre-diabetes, etc. etc. etc) Call/text/email me if you think we a match (808)590-3592 (c), (808)888-3955 (bus),

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