Halfway through the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) Seminar (20 weeks)

Well, we've completed 10 of 20 weekly meetings of our PLTI Cohort #4 with about 20 parents attending. We have met weekly at the Jewish Temple on Pali Highway on Monday nights 5-9 pm. The challenge is that many of the participants have young children, while I no longer do, it's a big commitment for us all. We are being challenged to create a community project in our community. My project is called Kahaluu Wellness Coaching, the service is a 40-minute coaching session for 20 people over the 20 weeks in order to assess my readiness to offer a wellness coaching service on a longer-term basis in Kahaluu, Oahu. I have already completed almost 50% of the session.

In wellness coaching, we work through 6 specific questions during the 40 minutes concerning "what do you really want in your life, that you do not already have." During the session we work out aspects of "what you want" with what prevents you, how your feelings or attitudes may inhibit you, what conditions in life prevent you, is money an issue, etc. We end up the 40 minutes with a start on how to GET WHAT YOU WANT. I offer the sessions for the next 20 weeks without charge - Yup FREE. Call me if interested in participating: (808)590-3592 or 888-3955. Aloha, Jay "Kai" Ogden -

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