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This is me (Jay "Kai" Ogden, Wellness Counselor)  and my lady (Paulette Fukumoto, retiring Speech Pathologist and Yoga Professional. 

Just a few words about "pills"

  1) If you need an MD's permission to get them - this is NOT what we are talking about. 

2) Our experience is that our results have been far better with recommendations from an ND (naturopathic doctor), DDC (chiropractic doctor), Wellness Counselor, or trusted friend with experience with a specific pill/therapy/etc.

3) We do not think chemical-based prescribed drugs are worth the money and often cause more problems than beneficial outcomes. 

4) Our experience with most natural or homeopathic supplements is that they must be taken for 6-12 months (at a minimum) before positive effects will be present. They are not generally for a quick fix situation.

5) If you want a quick fix, avoid getting sick. Do what you must to prevent illness. 

(See our page on "PREVENTION")

OUR DISCLAIMER: What we are taking for our current health issues presently is all we can talk to others about HERE ON LINE, with only one caveat:  Do your own research, including getting recommendations like the ones below.  We are happy to offer our experience, recommendations, experiences, so long as you take personal responsibility for your own health.  Don't take any pill or supplement, because anyone recommends or prescribes them. Do your research on anything you put on or into your body.

These are companies and health professionals we have vetted and we also take their recommendations for health issues we are personally treating.

Help Your Diabetes (HYD)

1. HYD Cleanse 

  2.  HYD Gluco, others by HYD

1469 W. State Highway 114, Suite 602, Grapevine, Texas 76051 PH: 800-321-9054 in Hawaii 808-913-1780


Dr.  A. Sears MD


You could spend a whole day on this website, I highly recommend doing just that.

We have been studying his recommendations for about 20 years, not including the years Paulette's dad spent reading his newsletters, articles and tapes before his death several years ago at 90+ yrs. old.

1. Recovery Metabolic Rescue

2. Omega Rejuvenol

Primal Force, Inc. Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 (866)895-8555 www.primalforce.net