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Our Story & Pathway

It all began for me in Hawaii, August 1969, as I stepped off the plane from Charleston, SC, USA with my US Naval orders in hand and my first breath of Hawaii air, saying to myself:  "I'm home at last..."

For the next 2 years, I belonged to the US Navy at Pearl Harbor, During this time, I learned that Navy life was not for me. And took an early out after 18 months.  Since I didn't know a soul here, I began to find a network from service people and those I met on liberty locally. It didn't take long until I met and married, Kathi O'Dyer, and started our 28 years together as man & wife. In 1979, our daughter, Malia, arrived and family life began. Since Kathi & I decided to live as good Roman Catholics, we attended Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in Waikane. Making mamy new friends and long term relationships that are still important to us.

In 1977, I started in Financial Services, with Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. in Honolulu and for the next 23 years, this career took most of my daylight & many night hours. After achieving an advanced Certificate as a Financial Planning Professional, I was recommending other financial solutions for my clientele: mutual funds, stocks, partnerships. This career was full and bountiful, allowing us a wonderful life. However, by 2001, I had enough of "Wall Street" and started looking for another career. Just in time for the 2001 Dot Com Bubble and a large decline in stocks globally. This confirmed a good decision to join another career pathway.

It didn't take long, I became a handyman openning Blue Beetle Handyman service and developed a clientele for the next 10 years. Many former financial clients became handyman clients and it wasn't until the Real Estatte Bubble of 2009-10 that this business disappeared as most home-builders were now doing handyman work.

So, my next pivot was to Home Garden Building and later developing a backyard Aquaponic Garden System (AquaponicsOahu.com) design and install business, which is still a part of my life until today. 

Jobs, Careers & Family become our life, however, as we Baby-Boomers age this certainly created disillusionment and challenges.  I finally decided along with my wife, to make some dramatic changes after our daughter left for college and Kathi and I decided to go our seperate ways in 2000. We entered a different stage of our lives taking new Pathways in different directions careerwise, family and spiritually.  

My first step was to begin a "healing process" with Reiki Training, learning that no-one is at fault, life just offers changes. Later with PSI World Seminars we began to understant how we are "leaders" of our life allowing for personal growth & healing, And allowing us to make hundreds of new friends who also wanted more of life and are of like-mind.  Paulette Fukumoto became one of these friends and since we were both grads of PSI and Reiki Training, we both continued our"healing" from our marriage breakups and other life challenges.

Paulette and I have crafted a wonderful relationship over the last 18+ years as friends, lovers, personal growth advocates, natureal healers and now both of us have wellness careers: Paulette is a Body Brain Education Yogo instructor and I, a Certified Wellness Counselor at Kahaluu Wellness. We are creating new forms of life and healing for our local extended family and friends, Paulette's four grandchildren are central to our life together. And we serve our extended family and friends with challenges like: Parkinson's, cancer, diabetes, organ transplants, obesity, aging, joblessness, homelessness, spouse-abuse, and other challenges.

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