Here are some videos and links to help you out "In The Garden" 

This is called a seedblocker and will help you make your own seedlings for the garden. Watch the below video to learn how.

Worm Composting.  Why do we need worms, how do we use their compost in aquaponic gardens, and what does a composter do for you.  Watch the below video to get started. composting with worms. 

Worm composting in aquaponics gardens.  

Since we don't want to mix the worm compost directly into the grow beds (this would foul up our pumps and defeat the purpose), we simply shovel a couple hand fulls of vermacast into an athletic sock, tie the open end of the sock closed, attach a piece of wire to the knot on the sock and hang it over the edge of the water tank below the garden.  This will allow the micro life and nutrients to  enter the water and the pump will bring it to the growbed.  The sock hanging in the water tank is like a tea bag in the water tank, full of nutrient.  Very little of the vermacast "dirt" will get into the pump this way.

Organic Seeds.  Yes, it is especially helpful for the organic gardener to use organic seeds.  To do otherwise may be adding something to your garden that may be harmful to youself and your family.  Here's a good source for organic seeds.

What makes Aquaponics different?

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