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Our Guidance on Prevention

  1. Do no harm to yourself & find a health professional who won't either.

  2. Eat a largely (70-100%) vegetable/fruit/bean diet; with meats, eggs, yogurt, cheese and non-dairy milks (nut milks are best) limited to 30% or less of your diet. If already a vegetarian/vegan you already made your decision. 

  3. One day a week, "go wild" with a very expensive store-bought desert  (dark chocolate is best, in my view).

  4. Eat most grains, breads, potatoes, pasta, rice or bakery items on ONE (or less) day of each week.

  5. Exercise goal 20 - 30 minutes every day or 60 min. 3 times a week. I offer exercise coaching as a part of our wellness sessions via as a "no charge" service.

  6. While most of us have a budget for food, (those who do not, are exempt and can shop for organic food as you please); most of the rest of us eat organic what you can afford to eat and/or grow some of your own organic food aquaponically (see our aquaponics page).

  7. Alcoholic beverages:  Since I am "pre-diabetic, I limit myself to 1-2 glasses per day of the best red wine I can afford.  If you have a heart condition, pre / post cancer, diabetic, lung/kidney disease, a smoker or overweight, don't take any until you get yourself back under control. You might like to consult a "health-coach". If you have any other life threatening condition, don't take any until given the "go" by your health professional.

  8. My health/wellness coaching is where the "rubber neets the road" for getting it all done! Try our "free" initial consult & subsequents sessions (40 mins by phone/online) to test drive our service. Call/text/email me!

  9. Contact: (808)888-3955 (bus) or 590-3592 (c) or

  10. Supplements:  see our supplement page - "Good Pills"

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70 - 80% of women have experienced this problem and their doctors are "clueless" !!

What I am talking about is occasional or frequent loss of bladder control and the resulting wetting of panties or other clothing in public or private. If you know of anyone who has had this happen take a look at this story from Youtube:

Aloha, Jay Kai Ogden,

Certified Health/Wellness Coach