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This is a view of Kahalu'u from across the Kaneohe Bay looking towards the Koolau Mountains behind our city of 2000+. This was just another sunny day in Kahalu'u.  We are a photovoltaic class 2-3 area, so we grow a lot of low - sun plantings (taro, sweet potatoes, spinach, spices, etc.) Come see our setup and explore what you can do..!



Our primary offering is the Stuppy, Inc. (stuppy.com) "Aquaduct" aquaponics growing system at the right. Each grow box is 7' long X 5' wide, 16" deep, holding up to 75 plants each box.  The round fish tank at the far end holds 650 gallons of water for 60+ fish. The fish tank could support an additional 6 more grow boxes. Retail pricing : 1/2 system (one grow box & sump-tank) $3,200, Full system: $5,500 (two grow boxes & sump-tank) Plus installation & shipping, pending site visit.  Other options available w/o fish tank ($300 less)...used systems too.

Call us (USA) (808)590-3592 or 888-3955 or Email: aquaponicsoahu@gmail.com