So, why isFOOD so important?  And why ORGANIC food? 

This view of Kahalu'u is from across the Kaneohe Bay looking towards the Koolau Mountains behind our city of 2000 country folks. We are located at the foot of the ridge-line in the center of the picture.  Because of the constant cloud-cover, growing all our  food is challenging. 

Our kalo (poi) and ulu (breadfruit) grow very well; leafy greens and lettuce, etc. are difficult. But we try...


Why grow/eat organic food? 

Well, since the advent of industrial food growing at the beginning of the 1900's, our food growing soils throughout the country have been degraded of natural vitamins, minerals and micro-life (by chemical fertilizers/pesticides) such that much of our food lacks the essential nutrients necessary for human health. Then the effect of "fast food" eating has increased diseases and poor health even further.

Organically grown food replaces lost nutrients in our food, has less "bad fats" than fast foods, and

tastes much better. 

Your body will love you and heal you of many ills, those in the brain, body and soul.

Try it!!


Come see our setup and explore what you can do..!

CALL (808)590-3592 OR 888-3955 for an appointment to visit our farm in Kahalu'u.



Using the Stuppy, Inc. "Aquaduct" aquaponic system, we don't "TILL" the land since we grow in natural black-lava rock (the pic has red rock) or just water (under the white floating planter) as a medium.  We don't have to water our plants manually, since our pumps run 24/7 watering constantly, which brings more nutrient into the grow beds than in-ground gardening.  There are very few weeds-to-pull since there's no soil and we use 90% less water because it is exposed to far less evaporation. ALL IN ALL ITS 80% LESS LABOR INTENSIVE THAN IN-GROUND GROWING!

The STUPPY.COM systems start at $1,500+ shipping and installation.  Installation uses only hand tools and is complete with manual for installation and operation. The Stuppy system has local warrentee with local installation and company equipment guarentees.

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