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Our designs start as low as $1,500 fully assembled and installed in your home or farm.

We often have used systems available at less cost.

We are Permaculture & Sustainability Design Consultants:  

making the "Gardens-to-go" aquaponic and aeroponic food growing  systems


Our systems differ from other systems.  We use: 1) metal tables & heavy grade low leaching plastic grow beds, 2) mainland manufactured 3) low cost,  "natural" garden nutrients (worm composting) for healthy food, 4)  our systems are EASY to assemble (no power tools needed), 4)  we scale down for condos & lanais and up for larger families and small farms, 5) verticle (aeroponics) and horizontal (aquapoanics) systems, 6) our systems have full warrentees (local) and guarantees from our mainland partners.


 call or contact us at

(808) 590-3592 or 888-3955

or email: Kai@aquaponicsoahu.com

We have been gardening for 20+ years and with aquaponics for  10+ years.  Trained on a Permaculture farm locally. We spent one year studying aquaponics with a local garden consultant for the Department of Education of Hawaii. 


Our systems now occupy over 50 SITES on Oahu and are scalable from one growbed to 20 or more.




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