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Kahalu'u Wellness

& Aquaponic Gardening


You may be wondering why wellness & aquaponic gardening systems!

THE TRUTH: I learned something about wellness,

first, growing my own food with aquaponics.

Later on, wellness coaching helped me to heal my "hurts". 

This could be helpful for you too..

So, let's talk about your hurts, FIRST. 

We can become friends and then talk about aquaponics...

where I learned about security, later on.

You have nothing to lose,

since my coaching/counseling is available WITHOUT CHARGE. 

Why, because WHILE I created solutions for my own "hurts", I became financially secure in the process!



Send me an email: aquaponicsoahu@gmail.com

Or call/text me : (808)888-3955 or (c)(808)590-3592




My Story

Trusted Coaching Professional

I'm Jay Ogden, a Hawaii resident since 1969. In 2001, my wife & I after 28 years together decided to live apart;  I left my 23 years as a financial advisor and our daughter left town to attend university on the mainland; all within 90 days.


 I didn't know what to do next,  so  I Googled: "how to heal".  What I came up with was Reiki Healing. I  called a Reiki Master locally, who said, healing is an "inside job".   As a self-made man,  this peeked my interest. After  her introductory course, I started my journey of self-healing.   Later I was guided to the Hawaii Wellness Institute, to continue healing, by finding a way forward, while completing a Wellness Counseling Certification course in 2003.


 I started eating better, changing some of my thinking and learned how to grow my own food with aquaponic systems. My energy was increasing and so was my self-esteem.

During  2007 - 2010 while living at an organic food  farm, I was studying Permaculture and how to grow real food.  Soon  I developed  an aquaponic system  and later a Stuppy, Inc. representative in Hawaii (Stuppy.com - Aquaduct system) 


As my healing progresses, I challenged myself in 2018  to "give back" by offering coaching  to  others WITHOUT CHARGE.  With the founding of Kahalu'u Wellness, FIRST WE BECOME FRIENDS THROUGH COACHING, later we can discuss aquaponic gardening.


If you are "hurting" like me, it's difficult to think about anything except the HURT... That's why we can talk about the hurts first. If you have already started the healing journey, we can discuss aquaponics as well. (Initial aquaponics consult is FREE too.)

I'd like to hear your story!

Call (808)590-3592 or 888-3955 or email:  aquaponicsoahu@gmail.com

Get in Touch

Peer Coaching
Approach to growth

Only someone who has lived in your world can really understand your situation, call me to see if I have lived  in your world

Relationship Coaching Session

Get to live the life you want, now!

 Is your current relationship on the rocks or is it in jeopardy?  I know, I've been there and it's no fun.  But, before you throw in the towel, let's look over the facts and perhaps, together, we can revitalize the relationship, end it peacefully or something in-between. No matter which way it goes, you will  know you made a great effort. 

It's never just about the kids either!

Kids are a very important factor in your life, and they deserve to have a fully functioning family.  If either of you are not happy with the relationship, it serves the kids to find out why!

Finding out "WHY" starts with your doing something DIFFERENT! 


The lovely lady in this photo is Paulette, my partner of 20 years, and my best friend. 

Life Coaching Session

Get more from life than you can imagine...

As our daughter walked out our door to start her life in university on the mainland, I thought, "I might die."  I was very close to our daughter and I wasn't prepared for her "sudden" departure from our life.

Because her departure was soon after the marriage ended and my career slipped away, all happening within 90 days, I was devastated. 

On my own I was clueless about what to do next.  Have you been at this point yourself?  What would you do? Who could you reach out to? Friends?  Co-workers?  Family? Maybe none would be willing to help, or know how

Our Peer Coaching assists you to get the most out of your life!

Call (808)888-3955 or 590-3592

Email: aquaponicsoahu@gmail.com

Career Coaching Session

When you are given a lemon, make lemon-aide...

After my career change happened, I was clueless... A little later, I   felt anger and fear and I wanted to  hide away.

There was no one around to console or guide me and I was alone with my feelings.

During these times of loss, if you are like me, you may not have the courage to reach for outside help, and we go inside, away from those close: spouses, children, and relatives.

Kahalu'u Wellness is here for you at this time...

Get in touch, the first session is FREE and you have nothing to loose. We can make it affordable for you!

Call (808)888-3955 or 590-3592 or email: aquaponicsoahu@gmail.com


Our website photos were taken in Ahuimanu Valley in Kahaluu near our home on Oahu's Windward side. Currently, I offer our wellness services including aquaponic garden systems for backyard gardeners and small farmers, "peer" wellness coaching, exercise ideas, food supplements and we are planning more health and wellness options for students.

Jay Ogden, Reiki Practioner (level II) since 2000; Certified Wellness Counselor since 2003; student of Permaculture, Permaculture Institute of Australia (certification in progress) since 2007; owner of Aquaponics Oahu.com, aquaponic systems design & installation since 2010 - present.

Schedule a Session

Our peer coaching approach, is always non-threatening... I ask 6 questions to help you focus on what you really want in your life that you don't have now. It's private on the phone, in your home or a safe place, and our initial session is FREE.

As a Peer  Wellness Coach, I have decided to work primarily with MENWOMEN or COUPLES (we're same-sex friendly) who have similar life-stories. For this reason, we ask ANYONE to please call, email or make an appointment on line. 

Our Home Office: 47-410 Pulama Rd. Kahalu'u, HI 96744

(808)590-3592(cel) or 888-3955(voip)

(808)888-3955 (fax)

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